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PASTILLAS DE UBE - - is one of the various flavors we can make with pastillas, such as pastillas de langka, pastillas de leche, pastillas de mani, pastillas de macapuno, etc. I am definitely a sweet tooth and I love any kind of pastillas...

Pastillas are Filipino sweetened soft milk candies, traditionally made from carabao's milk, sugar and dayap (native lime) rind, boiled to a thick paste, cooled and rolled in sugar.
As early as the 17th century, the town of San Miguel, Bulacan has been famous for making pastillas de leche. It was a way for farm families to use excess carabao's milk which spoiled easily. Today more than 200 pastillas shops are found all over the province of Bulacan.

The word 'pastilla' is derived from the name of Giovanni Pastilla, a 17th century confectioner (sweets maker) in the court of French Queen Marie de Medici. Giovanni's sweetmeats, candies and jellies were so popular that they were named after him. In those days, confectioners were very highly paid. They were regarded as the highest of all food tradesmen. They were hired in the royal courts and in the homes of aristocrats for their skill in making special sweets.
The milk candies of Giovanni Pastilla became known all over France, Italy, Spain and Britain. From the Spaniards we learned the fine art of confectionery or pastillas making which was the trend in Europe at that time. It was first adapted in the province of Bulacan where there was abundance of carabao's milk. Today, every milk candy all over the country is called pastillas.
Here is my recipe of pastillas de ube:
1 small can evaporated milk
1 small can condensed milk
1/4 c milk powder
1 c boiled and mashed ube (purple yam)
2 tsp vanilla
2 Tbsp butter
food color (violet)
sugar for rolling
1. In a cast iron pan, boil evap milk over low heat until most of the mixture evaporates.
2. Add condensed milk, continue stirring until thick.
3. Add milk powder, mashed ube, vanilla, coloring and butter. Mix until pastillas consistency. Allow to cool. Form into balls or cylinder. Roll in sugar. Wrap and serve.
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