Hi! I’m Nona Lema, food writer and vegetarian cookbook author. My cooking focuses on regional and traditional Filipino food, food of my country the Philippines, cooked the vegetarian way.  Once in a while I feature Asian, Mexican and European recipes that Filipinos are familiar with and whose ingredients are locally available.  something that has become a major interest as a result of many years of cooking for my family - - serving my husband and three children with simple, home-style, tasty and healthy meals. Now the children are grown up, two of them married,  and the same tasty cooking tradition is passed on to my four grandchildren.

Once in a while I get invited to speak to an audience about the vegetarian diet, but usually I’m just at home either writing or cooking. Home is a bamboo house on a forested mountain side overlooking Balayan Bay in San Jose village, Anilao, Batangas, Philippines. All around my house there’s huge forest trees and chirping birds. Cool spring water runs down from the mountain and the ocean is just a walk away where I often watch the beautiful sunset.


This blog is about my recipes and cooking tips, articles I’ve written over the years, notes from my lectures, health notes, food and vegetable history which I’m also keenly interested about and notes on yoga wisdom and meditation --a very simple relaxation method that I myself practice and would like to share to everyone.

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