Wednesday, April 19, 2017


GINISANG SINGKAMAS - - It's singkamas (jicama root) season and it is time to enjoy this wonderful fruit of the earth. Singkamas (eaten fresh) contains a sweet inert carbohydrate which makes it an ideal sweet snack for diabetics...

Here's a simple way I cook singkamas:
1/2 c tokwa or tofu (fried, strips)
1 c singkamas (strips)
1/4 c carrots (strips)
1/4 c sitcharo
1/4 c patola (sliced)
1 c cabbage
2 Tbsp leeks or spring onions
(or 3 cloves garlic,2 Tbsp onions)
1 Tbsp cornstarch (dissolved in a little water)
salt, pepper, seasoning
1/2 c crushed peanuts (for topping)
1. Saute leeks or spring onions (or garlic/onion) in oil. Add carrot strips, singkamas strips, sitcharo, patola slices, cabbage, salt, pepper and seasoning. Stir-fry vegetables until done, adding a little cornstarch dissolved in a little water for thickening the sauce.
2. Add fried tokwa or tofu strips Remove from heat. Serve with crushed peanuts (budbod) on top.
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