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During santol season, I make this  condiment made from grated flesh of santol fruit cooked in thick coconut milk mixed with my veggie 'bagoong'...

'Bagoong' is a favorite Filipino condiment originally made with salted fish or shrimp paste. 'Bagoong' originated from the classic Malay condiment called 'Belacan'. Belacan is made from geragao (shrimp) or krill, that has been salted, dried and fermented and is an essential item in Malay cuisine. Malays cannot eat without rice and belacan! Malays also like their belacan fiery hot!

When the first and second wave of our Malay ancestors came 5,000 years ago, they settled in the Ilocos, Tagalog and Bicol regions. They introduced belacan which later became the Ilocanos' 'bagoong iloko' (made from fish) and the Tagalogs' 'bagoong alamang' (made from shrimp). Malays also introduced many exotic fruits, one of them being the santol fruit originating from Peninsular Malaysia.

'Binagoongang santol' (a variation of belacan) originated in the Bicol region. One of the legendary ten Malay datus who first came settled in Bicol and introduced fiery hot belacan. His descendants introduced binagoongang santol. To this day, taking from the Malay legacy, Ilocanos cannot eat rice without bagoong. And Bicolanos cannot eat rice without fiery hot ulam (main dish).

Here is my recipe of binagoongang santol with veggie 'bagoong'.


5-6 pcs santol fruit
1 c thick coconut milk (250 ml coconut cream)
salt, chilis

1.Peel santol. Take out seeds. Grate the banakal (flesh).
2. Cook in coconut milk, adding salt and chilis, until banakal is tender and a bit oily. Remove from heat.
3. Add veggie 'bagoong'. Mix well. Preserve in a jar. Serve.

Veggie ‘Bagoong’
(Salted Black Bean Paste)

1 can salted yellow beans (misi), 180g
or salted black beans (tausi), 180g
1 c mashed tofu or tokwa
¼ c tomato paste
2 Tbsp leeks or spring onions
1 c dried sea weeds (nori), strips
2 Tbsp sugar

1. Blend or mash yellow or black beans. Set aside.
2. Saute leeks or spring onions in oil. Add tomato paste and a little water. Cook very well. Add blended beans, seaweed strips and mashed tofu or tokwa, chilis and sugar. Cook until sauce thickens. Remove from heat. Serve.

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