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Fresh, moist miki noodles are the essential ingredient in this famous Lucban street food...

Pansit Hab-hab is a pansit miki guisado (sauteed miki noodles) version unique only in Lucban. Lucbanons have their own way of making their own noodles made from flour, water, salt and lye.

The traditional main vegetable ingredients are sayote and pechay...just that..they say if you put other 'gulay pangsahog sa pancit' (pancit noodle vegetable ingredients) like carrots, cabbage, green beans or whatever, it won't taste as good.

The original recipe has pieces of pork or shrimp but for my vegetarian version, I put pieces of either fried tofu, tokwa, gluten or vegemeat instead. This pancit is traditionally drizzled with vinegar (and chilis) on top instead of calamansi juice.

It is actually a healthy food because of the presence of the nutritious 'power gulay' sayote and pechay. 

Pansit hab-hab is a famous street food in Lucban, traditionally eaten by farmers on their way home tired from the field. 

The name 'hab-hab' is derived from the unique way it is eaten - - from the banana leaf straight to the mouth, without the use of utensils. To 'hab-hab' literally means 'to grab food with an open mouth'.

1/2 kilo pansit hab-hab
1 1/2 c tofu, tokwa, gluten or vegemeat
(fried, cubed)
2 pcs sayote
1 bunch pechay
2 Tbsp leeks or spring onions
soy sauce
salt, pepper
vinegar (with chilis)
banana leaves

1. Saute leeks or spring onions. Add sayote and a little salt. Cover and cook.
2. When a bit tender, add enough water with enough soy sauce. Let boil. Add pancit hab-hab noodles and pechay. Mix and cook.
3. Add tofu,tokwa, gluten or vegemeat, and pepper. drizzle with vinegar with chilis. Serve hot on pieces of banana leaves.
(-lucban traditional food series)

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