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Hi Hello, this is Nona Lema. Haribol, Namaste.
Today I’ll be speaking on the topic of the effects of moonlight on fruits and vegetables...

We all enjoy eating fruits and vegetables wether we are vegetarians or not. Why? Because they taste sweet, succulent, fresh, crunchy, tasty, malinamnam siya, masarap kainin.

And also, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that are helpful for our health.
Have we ever wondered, ano kaya ang nagdudulot ng succulent taste na ito? (what brings about this succulent taste?) Here we will find that it is actually the moonlight.

Everybody’s admiring the moonlight - - poets, writers, songwriters. On fullmoon night, kapag kabilugan ng buwan, ang ganda pagmasdan. It’s so beautiful and so enchanting, so serene.

One other reason why we should be appreciating the moonlight is because it is the one that gives nice taste to our fruits and vegetables.

From the ancient scripture Bhagavad Gita, spoken by Lord Krishna to Arjuna thousands of years ago, in Chapter 15:verse 13, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna:
“I enter into each planet and by My energy, they stay in orbit. I become the moon, supply the juice of life to fruits and vegetables”

So here we find that Krishna, the Lord God, enters into each planet and the whole planetary system, the planets make the orbit in a very organized way.

We can understand that there is a vast and deep harmony between material nature, the universal laws and God Himself. There is coordination and connection there just so that we, human beings may be provided with good food.

In the Bible in Genesis 1, chapter 29, it is said:
“To you I give the plants and trees, the herb-bearing seeds and it will be your food”.
It is very clear, therefore the kind of food that we’re supposed to be eating.

Full moon time is a very nice time to meditate and be thankful for our blessings.

Hanggang ditto na lamang po. Thank, haribol, Namaste.

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