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EARTH DAY (text)

EARTH DAY - - What does living in harmony with nature mean?
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Hi, hello, haribol, namaste, this is Nona Lema. Today I'll be speaking on the topic of Earth Day.

On April 22, people around the world in 192 countries will be celebrating International Earth Day. Ito ay sama-samang pag gunita kung paano natin dapat pangalagaan ang Inang Kalikasan. It is a day of collective responsibility to promote living in harmony with nature.

But what does it really mean to live in harmony with nature? Most environmentalists would say that living in harmony with nature means that we have to maintain the assets of the earth so that we may continue to live and enjoy clean air, clean environment,etc now and in the future.

But actually there is a deeper meaning to it. If we want to successfully live in harmony with each other and with the laws of Mother Nature, we have to recognize the existense and dominant position of the Supreme God. Most environmentalists love to talk about Mother Earth but they never talk about Father God. It is because they want Mother Earth for their own enjoyment.

So if we, the children of Mother Earth will reject the Supreme Father, then automatically we will think that Mother Earth is our property to enjoy. In reality, God, the Supreme Father already owns Mother Earth. She is not our property to enjoy. We have to recognize both Mother Earth and Father God. Ang Inang Kalikasan at ang Diyos Ama. Ang Diyos Ama ang siyang nagmamay-ari sa Inang Kalikasan.

On Earth Day celebration, there are different outdoor activities we can do in connection with earth safety and earth protection such as:
1. tree planting
2. picking up trash on the street, roadside, river or beach
3. on that day reduce the use of plastic in order to avoid soil and water pollution
4. promote energy conservation, and so on

But while we are doing these activities, it is very important that we have a different consciousness. It is not enough that we just do river clean up or ocean clean up for the sake of doing it.

We have to understand that our eternal function is to be engaging in the loving service of God and be pleasing to Him. Therefore, the reason we are doing clean up,etc and trying to be respectful to Mother Earth is because we are trying to be pleasing to God.

So on this coming Earth Day celebration, one other activity we can do is maybe say a little prayer of thankfulness to Father God for allowing us to show our respect to Mother Earth. Pray that our clean up activities, etc may be pleasing to Him. Let us focus on our awareness of His existence.

Hanggang dito na lamang po. Thank you. Haribol. Namaste.
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