Thursday, October 13, 2016


CHAMPORADO -- is a sweetened chocolate rice pudding, traditional Filipino breakfast or merienda food. I can still remember the smell of fragrant champorado cooking in my lola Beatriz' kitchen when I was a child made from delicious Batangas tsokolate tablea...

The name 'champorado' that we know today is derived from the Mexican drink 'champurrado' -- a thick chocolate-based drink made from corn flour and chocolate, sweetened with 'pilloncillo' -an unrefined sugar and served hot.

The ancient Mayan people of Mexico had very high regards for cacao. For them it had divine associations. Champurrado was truly a 'drink of the gods' for them. The Aztec emperor Montezuma drank champurrado in great quantities.

Cacao trees were brought to the Philippines by the Spanish friars from Mexico in the 1600's. The friars planted the trees around their monasteries. Champurrado was their favorite breakfast drink. They took pains in grinding the cacao beans, making them in tablet blocks and storing. Thus, the Filipino term 'tsokolate tablea'. 'Tablea' is Spanish for 'tablet'.

Our early Filipino ancestors however, preferred to cook the tablea with rice instead of corn flour. That is why we have our champorado today cooked with malagkit rice, sweetened with sugar or panocha, traditionally eaten with fried tuyo or daing (dried fish). Here is my recipe of champorado:

1 c malagkiti (glutinous rice)
5 pcs tsokolate tablea (big) or
10 pcs (small)
1/2 c sugar

1. Boil malagkit rice in enough water to make lugaw consistency. While boiling add tablea and sugar . Stir constantly.When rice is well cooked, remove from heat. Serve with evaporated milk and fried tokwa.

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