Thursday, October 29, 2015


SINIGANG – a tamarind-based traditional Filipino sour soup commonly cooked with fish, pork or beef. Vegetables are stewed together with tomatoes, garlic and onion...

Our sinigang has its roots in the Malaysian sour soup called ‘singgang’ from the ancient region of Terengganu, Malaysia.

When the Malays came to our shore 5,000 years ago, they brought with them the tradition of cooking sour soups with tamarind. Today, other souring ingredients may be used such as guava, mango, kamias, santol and dahon ng sampalok (young tamarind leaves).

Here is my recipe of meatless/fishless sinigang:


2 pcs tokwa or ½ block tofu

1 c gabi (taro), big cubes

4-5 pcs tomatoes

¼ k sampalok (tamarind) or 2 pcs sinigang cubes

1 c sitaw (string beans)

1 c raddish (sliced)

1 c eggplant (sliced)

5 pcs okra

1 small bundle kangkong

2 tbsp spring onions

2-3 pcs siling pangsigang (green chilis)

soy patis or soy sauce, salt, oil


1. Slice tokwa in big squares. Add salt and fry. Set aside.

2. Boil tomatoes (whole), gabi, sampalok and salt in water. When sampalok is cooked, scoop out,

Continue boiling gabi and tomatoes. Mash sampalok in water, strain back into the pot (or drop sinigang cubes into the boiling stock).

3. Add itaw, kangkong stalks and spring onions (use garlic and onions if preferred). Cover and cook. Then add raddish. Cover and cook some more.

4. Add eggplant, okra and kangkong leaves. Add more sampalok water if needed. Add about 2 Tbsp oil to resemble pork fat. Season with soy patis or soy sauce.When all vegetables are cooked, remove from heat.

5. Drop fried tokwa and siling pangsigang into the pot. Serve hot

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