Friday, February 21, 2014


If I need to cook something quick and nutritious for myself and my family, I can rely on my good old friend...

Pritong Tokwa (fried tokwa, a firmer variation of tofu) is an alternative to meat in main meals because of its high protein content. Also called ‘soy bean curd’, tokwa is the ‘vegetarian’s best friend’...

Indeed, like a faithful friend, pritong tokwa has helped me survive for many years as a beginner vegetarian.  Thru the years I learned the many wonderful ways to cook tokwa in place of meat, chicken, fish and eggs. It’s just so versatile.

Tokwa or tofu originated in ancient China some 2,000 years ago. Then it was introduced to Korea and Japan. Soon it spread to other parts of East Asia too. Where Buddhism was, tokwa was there because it was an important protein source in the Buddhist’s vegetarian diet. 

Tokwa was introduced to the Philippines in the 10th-13th centuries by the Song dynasty sailors and merchants from Fujian province in China.

Try alternating your pork chop or fried chicken or fried fish with simple pritong tokwa once in a while. You will be surprised to find how delicious it actually is. Soon you will have the taste for it.

To make Pritong Tokwa: Slice pieces of tokwa in half. Marinate in a little soy sauce or salt. Fry. Serve with sliced tomatoes or other condiments.


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