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I was in Grade 4 when I first heard somebody said guavas were rich in Vitamin C. I couldn’t believe it because guavas were not maasim (sour) at all. I had the notion at that time that Vitamin C meant sour citrus fruits. As they were, guavas were not like the sinturis (native oranges) that we used to eat plenty of as children. Guavas were sweet and luscious. Now I learn it’s true! Guavas indeed can provide a lot of Vitamin C per fruit...


In fact, red and green hot chili peppers (here in the Philippines called labuyo) - -the ‘hot little devils’ that spice up our ginataang gulay (vegetables cooked in coconut milk) and sawsawan (condiments)-- provide the most Vitamin C than most food.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient required by the body for the development and maintenance of scar tissues, blood vessels and cartilage. As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C helps lessen stress and lower cancer risks.

So what else is rich in Vitamin C? Bell peppers, our good old staple for apritada, caldereta and menudo packs a high Vitamin C punch. Dark leafy greens or talbos like malunggay, talbos ng kamote, kangkong, etc are not just a source of calcium but are rich in vitamin C as well. Then we have fresh fruits like oranges, melons, papayas and strawberries. So eat plenty of these fruits and vegetables for your daily Vitamin C requirement.

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