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Last week I was reading the international news online. A very interesting article about France caught my attention. I was just recently reading up on French culture and how the French are...
world leaders in fashion, food and art since the Middle Ages; how  ‘haute cuisine’ IS French cuisine;
how it is  so much emulated by all chefs of the world; how today French cookbooks are the number one in the top five most popular cookbooks in the world,etc. So the article would seem like a paradox.

Anyway, the article says, “Research finds that despite high standard of living happiness is elusive  among the French people. France, once famous for its 'joie de vivre' (a cheerful enjoyment of life), is suffering from existential gloom, according to a study to be presented in London next month to the Royal Economic Society.

Claudia Senik . a professor at the Paris School of Economics says  the French enjoy a high standard of living. The country has a generous welfare state, plus universal and free access to healthcare, hospitals, public schools and universities.  it also has a 35-hour working week and many foreigners aspire to make it their home - 150,000 Britons have chosen to live there.

And yet the French are gloomy. They are far less happy than their wealth, international fame and lifestyle suggest they should be.

The World Health Organisation notes that the suicide rate in France is much higher than in any of the "old European countries". Suicide is the second biggest cause of mortality among 15-to-44-year-olds after road accidents, and the primary cause among 30-to-39-year-olds”.

So there’s two points I want to bring up here: First, material wealth, fame, status, relationships, reputation, etc. does not bring happiness, as evidenced by this study made on the French people. In fact, not just the French but everyone in this world,  rich or poor, is not truly happy.

Why? Because  first of all, we are not matter. We are not flesh and blood. We are not  not this material body. Our real identity is that we are the spirit soul, the person or self that is within this body.  We are the living force within this body. We are eternal. Our essence is spiritual.  This body is temporary.  

No amount of material wealth and fame can truly touch the person inside and give him happiness. Because the nature of his happiness is not material at all. It is spiritual happiness. That is why French people are still gloomy in spite of their high standard of material living. And when they cannot take shelter in this world any longer, then they commit suicide.

Second, where is happiness to be found? How can a person be truly happy? When he is linked up to God in love. The reason we are not happy in this world is because we are longing for God. We need spiritual food to be satisfied. That food means a loving relationship with Him who is the Supreme Spirit. 

When everything comes crumbling down, and you’re so gloomy like the French, just remember that God loves you.  His love for you is unconditional and that actually He is the only shelter. There is no other shelter but God.

How can I be linked up  to God?  There is a very simple process - -it’s called meditation. Please check on my ‘meditation’ page to learn about it.

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