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My healthy vegetarian version of mayonnaise, the world's favorite creamy condiment used in salads and sandwiches...

Here in the Philippines, one of the lasting legacies of the Spanish friars aside from the massive brick churches was 'mayonesa' or mayonnaise.

They first introduced it to us in the late 17th century together with traditional Mediterranean-inspired Spanish food like olive oil, legumes and nuts, cereals, pasta, bread, cheese and honey. At that time though, 'mayonesa' was served only in the homes of the wealthy mestizos, insulares and peninsulares - -never in the homes of the indios.

Mayonnaise was invented in 1756 by the French chef of the duke of Richeliu. The duke beat the British at port Mahon, a city in Minorca off the northeast coast of Spain.


After the battle, his chef served a victory feast that included a thick creamy sauce made from olive oil, egg yolks, vinegar and seasoning. Traditionally, sauces at that time were made from cream and eggs. But the chef found no cream in the kitchen so he substituted olive oil instead.

The chef named the new sauce 'Mahonnaise' in honor of the duke's victory at Mahon. From there the word 'mayonnaise' was derived from the old French word for egg yolks, 'moyen'.

Here is my eggless mayonnaise recipe (featured in Gulay eBook 1). It may be used in any dish where mayonnaise is required.
1 block tofu or 4 pcs tokwa
1 small can evaporated milk
1/4 c corn or soya oil
4 tsp vinegar
4 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
mustard (optional)

Procedure: Blend all ingredients together in a blender, gradually adding vinegar. (Mayonnaise gets creamier, the longer it is blended.)

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