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Just as rich and creamy but without the cholesterol and slime of eggs...

LECHE FLAN is a traditional Filipino dessert originally made with eggs, milk and sugar, cooked with arnibal (caramelized sugar). Leche flan was introduced to us by the Spaniards in the 1560’s, along with other best known creamy rich Spanish custards such as tocino del cielo, yema or yemita and crema catalana.

Leche Flan dates as far back as ancient Rome when the Romans used egg whites as cement to build huge stone structures. The Romans had a huge surplus of egg yolks so they looked to the Greeks for inspiration on what to do with them. 

The Greeks had great culinary skills. Together they developed leche flan and other custard recipes served with sugar syrup.

During the fall of the Roman Empire, leche flan survived its heritage and found its way to Spain and then the Philippines as the sweet tasting flan we Filipinos love today. 

The word ‘flan’ is derived from the Latin word ‘flado’ meaning flat cake and the Spanish word ‘leche’ meaning milk.

When the Spaniards came, they applied the Roman tradition of using egg whites as cement. 

Some of the oldest church structures here such as the Baclayon church in Bohol (built by the Jesuit priests in 1595) and San Agustin church in Intramuros (built by the Augustinian priests in 1570), used millions of eggs as cement.

Hundreds of native Filipino forced labor were used (obras pias) to build them.The native Filipinos cut and dragged coral blocks from the sea, using only bamboos in moving and lifting the stones in position.

In fact, all stone structures ever built by the Spaniards were done this way. And the surplus egg yolks were made into leche flan and other delicious egg custards, served to and enjoyed by the Spaniards.

Here is my recipe for eggless leche flan.

1 big can condensed milk (300 ml)

1 big can evaporated milk (370 ml)

1 stick gulaman (yellow color)

4 Tbsp vanilla

1 1/2 c water


1 c brown or light brown sugar

1/2 c water

1. Prepare syrup: In a saucepan, boil sugar and water until mixture becomes thick. Pour syrup in leche flan mold (llanera) or baking pan. Set aside.

2. Pour condensed milk and evaporated milk in a pot (preferably cast iron to avoid scorching). Add vanilla. Boil.

3. In a separate pan, boil one stick gulaman in 1 1/2 water. Strain and pour into the boiling milk-vanilla mixture. Stir constantly for a few minutes. Remove from heat.

4. Pour mixture over syrup-lined pan. Allow to set. When cooled, invert pan and serve.

Note: if stick gulaman is not available, use 2 Tbsp seaweed jelly powder (Mr.Gulaman) or agar-agar, yellow or white color. In a separate bowl, gradually sprinkle seaweed jelly powder or agar-agar into 1 c water. Stir constantly until jelly powder is completely dissolved. Pour into the boiling milk-vanilla mixture. Proceed with the rest of the procedure.

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