Friday, June 8, 2012


If there is a soup that is so well-loved in Filipino homes, this is it!
Miswa soup. It is a traditional Chinese noodle soup served both as a main dish and side dish...

Main ingredient is the very thin and white dried noodles made from wheat called 'miswa' or 'mee suah', It is easily available at Asian stores everywhere.

Miswa originated in Fujian, China. This province is known for flavorful soups and stews. Fujian cuisine is known to be light, soft and tender. Miswa signifies long life in Chinese culture and as such is a traditional birthday food. 

I practically grew up on miswa soup. It is sometimes with a touch of nostalgia that I now cook this one-dish meal. No, I'm not Chinese. It's just that it brings back fond memories of cooking for a brood of 4 younger sisters and one younger brother since I was aged 8 or 9.

As the eldest child, often when my mother was not around, miswa was the fastest meal I could whip up for the kids. It cooks in just 2 minutes! That's why I loved miswa! I could serve the kids a quick hot dinner and go back to my school assignments right away.

Here is my simple everyday vegetarian version of miswa soup:
1/2 c fried, cubed tofu or tokwa
1/4 k miswa noodles
1 1/2 c patola
1/4 c kinchay
2 Tbsp spring onions
salt, soy patis (or soy sauce)
seasoning or veggie bouillion
Note: instead of plain fried tofu, you may use tofu balls (pls see older post for the recipe).

1. In a pan, saute spring onions. Add soy patis, salt and water. Cover and boil.
2. When boiling, add miswa noodles, patola, kinchay, pepper, seasoning or veggie bouillion. Let boil for 2 minutes. When done, remove from heat.
3. Add fried tofu just before serving. Serve hot.
Note: you can use tofu balls instead of fried tofu. Pls see older post for recipe.

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